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Executive Advisors provides a confidential job search service for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs and other senior executives earning $200K+ (or equivalent) who are looking to make a career move or conduct a job search

Our program is designed for senior executives who have neither the time, interest or ability to do all the things required in the search process - or simply wish to accelerate their time to market. We do the work - you attend the interviews.

Executive Advisors - Our Approach

Our approach is discreet, professional and highly targeted

Since 2001, we have been introducing top executives to key decision makers around the world, and helping them advance their careers.

Unlike an executive search firm that acts for the company, we work for, and we are retained by the candidate, (you are the client). Acting in many respects as an agent for the executive, we manage the whole process, removing the considerable burden of work involved in a senior executive job search.

Because we market you under our name not yours, your confidentiality is assured.

Executive Advisors - Our Experienced Approach

The Program

Each job search and career marketing program is unique, reflecting the different backgrounds and objectives of our executive clients. We don't simply provide support and advice, we do the heavy lifting, 'packaging' and pro-actively marketing you direct to the key decision makers - always confidentially - nationally and/or internationally based on agreed search criteria.

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We operate from offices in the UK and USA, representing senior executives from those and other international markets. Let us help you to make the most of your talents, accelerate your job search, and get in front of the key decision makers. Contact us today.

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UK: +44 (0)20 3318 1362
USA: +1 844-413-2777

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