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EA Team

From their office locations in London, Washington DC and Florida, EA's principals and researchers work closely as a team, always readily accessible by, and in close contact with, the client.

EA Team - Executive Advisors

Peter Timms - President

Following an early career as an accountant with IBM, he became Divisional CFO and a director of what was one of Europe's fastest growing and most acquisitive companies He joined the international PA Consulting Group where, for five years, he was a Senior Consultant in the Corporate Strategy Division. He left PA to become Director and CFO of a publicly quoted, diversified holding company, soon being promoted and becoming the youngest CEO of any company quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Peter relocated to the USA in 1987 and since that time, as CEO, he has managed two high growth electronics businesses also managing the successful turnaround of a NASDAQ company. He has been on the boards of three publicly traded companies with strong transatlantic links, and completed over twenty deals for these groups in the U.S., the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

In 1998, Peter founded Corporate Advisors, an M&A advisory firm, to bring a uniquely international dimension to the management of middle market transactions for companies of all sizes. Managed by principals with global experience as senior corporate executives and strategy consultants, and supported by meticulous professional research, CA has demonstrated time and again its ability to sell high value propositions to a very high level audience worldwide. This ability to reach key decision makers of companies large and small, paved the way for the formation of Executive Advisors, which utilizes the same methodology to sell another high value proposition . the senior executive.

EA Team - Executive Advisors

Fiona Mason - Managing Director

Fiona is a graduate of Bristol University (Modern Languages) and has completed post graduate studies at North Staffordshire University (Business Studies) and the London Business School.

She has over 20 years' experience of business research, operating in the US, Africa, Europe and Asia. She has command of a range of European languages, which she has used extensively on assignments for blue-chip clients, government institutions (US, UK and elsewhere globally), the European Commission, and the World Bank.

She has experience of operating in a vast range of industry sectors including financial services, industrial machinery and instrumentation, high technology equipment and software, medical equipment, construction, agriculture and fisheries, publishing, fashion goods, and food technology.

Fiona's career has been predominantly with IMES, a leading and prestigious UK consulting firm specializing in international strategic marketing and market research.

Fiona is a founder of Executive Advisors.

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial - Executive Advisors
Mission accomplished - a big THANK YOU!! We did it! I am pleased to report I now have, as of two hours ago, a signed contract - The job is Head of Sales and Service, a great opportunity and a big position..over 2,000 people in all

SVP/General Manager USA

Client Testimonial - Executive Advisors
Thank you for all your help with my marketing campaign. I look forward to working with you again at some point in the future

President/CEO Europe