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For those seeking top talent

"EA represents some truly successful and talented executives who are considering a career move and wish to broaden their horizon of opportunity while maintaining their confidentiality."

Our latest clients include international CEOs, as well as C-level general managers, functional specialists.and Managing Directors with experience spanning numerous sectors.

If you are in need of a senior executive, why not contact us? If one of our clients is the right executive for you, then the cost to you of hiring that executive is zero. We can also alert you when we have clients that meet the criteria that you specify-. again at zero cost to you.

We understand and respect the need for confidentiality in all communications with our firm.

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UK: +44 (0)20 3318 1362 USA: +1 844-413-2777

✔ Represent successful executives

✔ Employers pay zero

✔ Work internationally