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The Program

  1. Each client's career background is analyzed in depth to identify the unique blend of skills, experience and achievement that he or she brings to an organization.
  2. A marketing strategy is developed for each target market segment to differentiate and position the client for maximum success.
  3. EA's research team identifies relevant organizations and key decision makers by name to be contacted - nationally and internationally.
  4. EA articulates powerful and compelling messages that clearly identify the executive's Value Proposition and pro-actively markets the executive under EA's name (not by resume), to each targeted audience, and in a way that keeps the executive's name confidential and that avoids the applicant tracking systems.
  5. EA handles all inquiries from interested responding employers, often gaining valuable intelligence for the client's initial contact.
  6. EA also reaches out to the executive search community on the executive's behalf, using its own proprietary contact database.

Throughout the process, EA provides the level of seasoned counsel that can only come from principals who have been in the client's shoes - having operated at the highest level of international business. This advice ranges from interview strategies to compensation package negotiations - we have even helped with board presentations.

And, EA does all of the work; the client just has to attend the interviews.

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UK: +44 (0)20 3318 1362 USA: +1 844-413-2777

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